“Imagination is Everything”

*Albert Einstein

I see the tips of stark branches reaching toward the steel gray sky. Whipping in theJanuary wind, slapping the sides of the old shed, and scraping on the edges of the metal roof.  Fat, soft kittens, the pussy willow are burgeoning.  Hold on little kitten!  Hold on!

January in the Pacific Northwest is a wild, rambunctious month.  No more twinkling lights and evergreen boughs, January winds blow clear the cobwebs of a year just past and set a bank canvas for spring to splash her color, scent and life all over.  Its hard to imagine spring, on a bitter day such as this.  To imagine searching for a shady spot to lay in the grass, face up to the sky, pulling stories from the shapes of clouds as they waft along.  To imagine nestling swallows, and the throaty songs of tree frogs at twilight.  But imagination is everything, according to Uncle Albert, so here I go~

I imagine a warm sneaker day.  A winter day according to the calendar, but in she sneaks, on a warm breeze.  She wraps around the corners of my barren flower beds.  She’ll coax and inch or two from the daffodils that are poking spikey heads up through hard, brown dirt.  I smile knowing the frills on their bonneted faces are tucked safe for now.  I will let my chickens out to scratch about the pasture and laugh at them as they run across the yard, their gait much like little boys about to lose their britches.  I’ll tidy up my potting shed and organize my weed bucket and gardening tools.  I don’t need an imagination to know I’ll be needing those soon enough!

The ground hog is weeks from his prediction, as is our own ‘ground frog’, Snohomish Slew, waiting for his February ‘frognosticaition’.  Is more winter in store?  Snow flurries and frozen ponds?  Or will we welcome an early spring?  On a cold and blustery January day, it is nice to imagine the latter.  Imagine…

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