How to train a Grammie~

The grand~ones have been wanting a bunny.

“Please, Grammie, can’t we have a bunny? You could keep it at your house, and we’ll take care of it!”

I know what you are thinking… but a bunny would be a nice addition to our little menagerie, right?  Of course it would.  But you can’t just get a bunny.  You have to have supplies.  A hutch, food, bedding, not to mention carrots!  So this is what I’d reply when the bunny begging began.  We have to prepare, and we will… maybe in the spring… Then I saw a friend’s post on Facebook.

‘Looking for a good home for Harvey. A very sweet bunny. Comes with hutch, and supplies. Neutered and chipped. Free to good home.’

And so we have a rabbit.  Harvey was delivered lock, stock and hutch Sunday morning, just a month short of spring.  He is very sweet, and coming from a dog friendly home, he’s not bothered in the least by Sparky and his inquisitive sniffing.  The grand~ones are in heaven, holding him, petting him, and cuddling with him in Papa’s big chair.  The boys ordered a harness on their Amazon account, so Harvey can go on walks (or should I say ‘hops’) with us, and Paige is researching rabbit training videos so she can teach him tricks.  His hutch is just outside the backdoor, so he gets to be in on the comings and goings of a busy household.

Harvey joins a couple of house cats, Jolly and Gizmo, Sparky the dog, and fourteen nice laying hens.  I think he’s in good company.  I know he has found a good home.

Now I am bracing myself for what I know is coming…

“Please, Grammie, can’t we have a goat?  You could keep it at your house, and we’ll take care of it!”

Maybe in the spring…

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