We took a drive to the north on Saturday.  The day was brisk, more blue skies than clouds, with a bit of sunshine now and then.  The mountains along I~5; Mt. Pilchuck, Whitehorse, Mt. Baker… Wow! They are regal in their repose.  A deep blanket of snow, white against the blue sky, sets up each mountain for a perfect calendar shot. North of Burlington, the drive through the valley, offers stretches of farmland and woods.  (If you take Chuckanut Drive, you also get salt water and San Juan islands in your view finder.)  We were heading for Lynden, so we stayed on the freeway this time.  I love the drive into town, a tree lined avenue with houses, neat and tidy, leading to an all American main street.  The Dutch village has some fun shops to explore and I came away with some cute little pitchers to add to my collection of ironstone.

On the way back home, we stopped at the Conway Pub for a late lunch.  This historic eatery has the most delicious fish and chips, oh my yummmm!  The place was packed, everyone from families with little kids, to some Harley dudes, to a table of women in their bright pink hats, resting up after their march in Bellingham.  We sat in a corner booth, enjoying our meal, the music on the jukebox and the general hubbub of a local meeting place.  After lunch we walked about the town. I saw these old cement steps, mostly obscured from view by evergreen branches.  They lead nowhere.  The house or business is gone, and has been long enough that these trees have taken the place of wood or mortar.  I wonder what the story is?  What dreams began on these four steps?  It’s fun to imagine, isn’t it?  The history of our area, though young compared to our east coast, and embryonic compared to our friends in Europe, it is our history none the less.

As this month of January winds down, and the squares of our calendars show fresh new days, let’s enjoy our place, this beautiful place we live.  Visit a town we haven’t before, hike a trail, walk a beach.  The steps are there… take ’em!


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