Ice Storm~

In the  pre~dawn darkness, still cozy in my bed, the sound of the ringing phone brought me out of my slumber. My early working hubby is calling.

“Hi Dougie, what’s up?” I try to sound chipper, as if I’ve been up for hours getting all those chores done.

“I didn’t know if you saw the report, school is two hours late because of icy roads.”  Isn’t he thoughtful? and no, I hadn’t seen that report. Time to get my wheels turning, I guess.

I called my daughter-in-law to let her know, ice or no ice, she’d have to go to work, so she could bring the boys up here for the bus.  Aren’t we lucky that the kiddos can catch the bus right in front of Grammie’s house!  I made my coffee, and puttered around a bit. I thought about two extra hours with my guys.  What should we do?  Something other than a mind numbing morning show or game on the tablet. Read?  Always an option, but two hours?  We might need a little more substance.  Cookies.  We can mix up the dough, put it in the fridge and roll it out after school.  Perfect solution!

The boys were delivered safely, and we got on task.  Aprons, check. Wash hands, check. Preheat oven, check.  Choose the cookie… no, we’re making sugar cookies… “But Grammie! I want to make the kind you squeeze out. Dogs. Blue dogs. No, trees. Green trees”… Choose the cookie… Spritz, check.  You just can’t argue with a six year old. Out came Grandma Goodie’s old ‘Mirro’ cookie press and we got busy. The boys hovered and helped for awhile, adding the ingredients to the Kitchen Aide. Butter and sugar, a nice fresh egg, flour, then while the mixer did it’s job, “Come on, let’s go outside and check on the ice!” and they were gone.

Grammie in the kitchen with a bowl of yellow dough, an empty cookie tube, and an assortment of shape deciding attachments.  Hmmm.  I can make an executive decision in the absence of my helpers.  Red food coloring soon tinted the dough a lovely pink, and I slid the heart disk into place.  They came in to warm up, just as I was squeezing the last of the forms onto the baking sheet.  “Grammie! I wanted blue! Blue dogs!”  Hmmm…Here, help me with the sprinkles.

With the cookies cooling on the counter, our two hours were up.  The icy roads, kept the bus from driving by my house, so we had to walk to the corner.  It had warmed up enough that the pavement was safe, and puddles frozen earlier were splashable.  I saw them loaded up and on their way before turning to head towards home.  Will they remember this morning twenty years from now?  Maybe they’ll be navigating an icy road on their way to work and think of it.  I hope so.  I hope that whatever waits for them on this road of life, these times are tucked in their hearts and the memory of a late arrival and a batch of cookies bring them a little smile on a winter day. I hope so.

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